Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Do I Wear?

by Apple Pantie
What should I wear ladies, to an interview? I don't own a full blown suit. Any suggestions? And if I wear open toed sandals, should my nails be painted? Are hose required, or is skin OK?
Help me out ladies. Not taking comments from over-sexed men.

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Susan said...

What type of job, for what type of company? Sit outside in your car at 7:45 am for a day or two and see what the (apparently more senior) employees wear.

I don't own a suit either. For pretty much any job I would want, I would wear to the interview black dressy slacks, a nice blouse (I like pima cotton tees from LL Bean), and a nice jacket (inexpensive silk from WinterSilks). Knee-hi hosiery and black shoes. NO OPEN TOED SHOES. No open-heel shoes either. Quiet earrings, necklace, pin on jacket, wedding ring and one other ring.

Unless you're applying at an arty crafty loosey-goosey place, then all bets are off.