Friday, November 14, 2008

101 Things About The Loons

Yes - it's our 100th post! (OK, so we missed it by a few!)
So here, by Internet Decree is 100 things about us! (Plus a bonus!)

1. Drummer Addict. Found my Drummer so you can call me recovered Addict. Forever dealing with the dum, dah, dum, dum, DUM.

2. Coffee Addict. Black the first three cups, and the rest of the morning a shot of cream please. And make it a BIG shot.

3. Favorite Sub-Tuna Salad Sub covered w/Black Olives, Jalapenos, Banana Peppers, Lettuce, Tomato, and Dill sauce. Yum!

4. Worst Job EVER-Peeling Hard boiled eggs for 10 hours a day. The smell made me puke every morning. My hands were never out of cold water the whole time of standing at the table. AWFUL. Made me thankful and gave me incentive to continue my education and NEVER, EVER, have to work in an assembly line job again.

5. Chair Addict

6. Wrote my first play at age 8. My first stage production by 9. Editor and CEO of my first newspaper age 10.

7. My first TV job paid $4.50 an hour. Was able to live on my own, drive a new truck, and have a land-line phone. No cable. No bar-hopping. Great time!

8. Collected Caterpillars in a red vase as a kid. Brought them to my bedroom every night and they would disappear by morning. Found out several years ago, my sister HATES caterpillars because my missing "alive" collection!

9.Ran the mile on high school track team for four years. Beat a guy once!

10. Interviewed presidential candidate Ross Perot in a skirt and high heels.

11.Peruvian Shoe-Shiner at the Dulles Airport proposed marriage. I said NO but thanked him.

12.In a Made-for-TV movie starring Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. Role: TV news photographer. I nailed it.

13. Professional Jam Maker.

14. Editor High School News Paper.

15. Staff Reporter Northern Iowan.

16. Interviewed two former first ladies, Lady Bird Johnson and Barbara Bush.

17. Interviewed Hal Holbrook in his hotel room. Just him and me. (Nothing happened except for a conversation about his play.)

18.Read every Nancy Drew book in the Fayette library.

19. Read every book written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

20.Weekly visitor of the fire station at one point in my life.

21. Worst place I lived was a flea-bag trailer house, and I am not exaggerating. My sister and I lived with my boss while I worked at a hotel in Florida. We appreciated his hospitality, it was the most disgusting place ever. Bought huge shares in the RAID company.

22.Before having children, only knew how to cook tuna melt sandwiches.

23. Once shared a elevator ride with Leon Spinks. Funny story. After the ride was over, my friend Marlys yelled out, "We just rode down with Leon Spinks." We jumped up and down screaming. My other friend Teri stopped jumping and asked point-blank, "Who is Leon Spinks?" We all died laughing.

24. Guitar Player-Teaching myself.

25.Secretly wants to perform on the guitar to audience.

26.Huge fan of Brokedown Stranger.

27. Now addicted to guitars and find other guitar players far more interesting than before.

28.Wanted to be a network photojournalist.

29.Thought I should move to LA, live in Hollywood and hang out with Big Hair Bands.

30.Bottle Feed kitties. Yes, I am a Cat Mom.

31.Fast becoming fascinated with Italy.

32.Meet and interviewed Stevie Ray Vaughn, one of the nicest "celebs" I ever met.

33.Dream of walking across Scotland for a vacation.

34.Would love to own my own business.

35.I like to trout fish, just don't have my license.

36.Enjoy walking with my dad while he is hunting. I don't carry a gun.

37.Been married twice and have never been on a "honeymoon" guess that means try for a three? Just kidding!

38.Would wear vintage clothes everyday to work if possible.

39.Wrote my first play in 3rd grade.

40.Directed my first backyard play by 5th grade.

41.Directed, produced and edited 4 music videos by age 27.

42.Start a lot of projects, some get done and others are always "waiting to be finished."

43.Would love to open up my own "treasure" shop with my sister Jill.

44.Would love to go on a family vacation with my siblings and parents and my hubby's family, the whole Looney clan.

45.Dream about quitting my job and living on the farm for work.

46.Love to read Non-fiction works.

47.Had a photo published in a book, titled...."Eating His Christmas Pie." Cute shot of Ryker with his face in the holiday pie. Yes, we all skipped dessert that day.

48.Wants to have a cow.

49.Unfinished project right now is a screenplay.

50.Would love to make a difference in someone's life.

1. First person born in Johnson County in 1960.

2. Youngest of 6 children.

3. By age 18 had learned how to play and publicly performed:
trombone, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and oboe.

4. Founding member of rock band Voyager.

5. Currently drummer in The 100s.

6. Have two ex-wives

7. Ate nearly nothing besides Skippy Chunky on white bread (folded sideways) until age of 45.

8. Graduated after first semester of senior year of high school.

9. Graduated from Kirkwood Community College.

10. Nominated for "Communications student of the year" at Kirkwood.

11. Started in television in 1985.

12. Learned to love Jalepeno peppers in 2005.

13. Read nearly 20 years worth of back issues of "Reader's Digest" as a kid.

14. Love the Hawkeyes

15. Read Agatha Christie books as a teen.

16. Had my favorite dog, Pandy, from 1972 until 1981.

17. Coached youth baseball for several years.

18. Have two sons.

19. Worked at Howard Johnson's while in high school.

20. Had a kidney removed in 1985.

21. Have a secret love for "Rock Chicks". (Am currently growing my own!)

22. Once studied French.

23. Have been to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico twice.

24. Am obsessed with Alaska.

25. Own every Rush album produced since 1971 (17).

26. Want to mush sled dogs.

27. Lived on a farm the first 18 and last 5 years.

28. Have had 4 "best friends" since jr.high: Ray, Steve, Bob, Angie.

29. Love Bud Light.

30. Drink Black Velvet regularly.

31. Love Johnny Walker Black Scotch.

32. Have wanted to live in Mexico

33. Have wanted to live in Wisconsin

34. Have wanted to live in Maine

35. Have wanted to live in Oregon

36. First car was a huge, white Buick LaSabre, “The Beast”.

37. Hate peas

38. Think politics is easy – you either think that the government is there to work FOR you, or you think that “May the strong (and rich) survive”.

39. Collects shot glasses

40. Has a huge CD collection

41. Love to watch movies and TV with the Babe Wife

42. Wrote a newspaper as a kid.

43. Sang in a quartet in kindergarten

44. Sang in a quartet in High School

45. One concert in High School played the drums in Jazz Band, accompanied a vocalist with a guitar, played trombone and performed an oboe solo in concert band.

46. Have been to Wrigley Field twice

47. Once shot an elephant in my pajama’s. How he got into my pajama’s I’ll never know!

48. Currently contributing to three blogs.

49. Love Monty Python

50. Love ALL my kids

51. Love my wife