Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The LooneyMooners

If you have not seen this series yet, you may want to look at your schedule and take some time off. Oh, wait, it hasn't hit the airwaves yet, it is only available on-line.
It's a great story about two creative writers, who use the internet to settle the intimate details of their life. One is not very happy about this. The other thrives off the emotions being exposed to the world.
They are a happily married couple until it comes to their blog. The gloves come off and the slug fest begins.
Episode One: Sign on doors reads DO NOT DISTURB
(Looks like they have kissed and made up.)

Tune in next week when one writer gets a chance to write for the local newspaper as a columnist.


Susan said...

But see, Kid, if it were the spousal unit, their sibs, their grown kids, and a best friend or two sitting around a fire at night, sipping something soothing, eventually it would all come out in talk anyway. Blogging is just distance talking.

Loon said...

susan said...
"Blogging is just distance talking."

Yeah - with smoke signals!

Frankie said...

I'm too busy sifting through my online suitors to get into this argument very deeply, so just let me say I haven't talked to you two hermits this much in months, so I like your blog! Tim, we all know you're a strong, virile, heroic drummer and the sunshine of your family's lives and yada yada yada. Now let Angie talk! People's foibles are more interesting than their successes.

:::waiting to see if I make it past the censors:::