Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tidbits to Chew

by Angie
Back to School....I remember those good ole' days of getting ready to go back to school. Opening up my new box of crayons and smelling them. Filled with the inspiration to become a better "colorer" than Becky Griffin. Holding my number 2 pencil in my hand and convincing myself I will beat Karen Kudrna with a higher grade. And just knowing that I won win a recess race against Barry Bentley. No, it never happened but the dream of doing all those still occupies the dark caverns of my mind. Now, my kids Pinky Brewster and Iron Man are participating in the back to school rituals. Do they have those same inspirations that I did when I was a kid? Probably not. But that is OK. I really don't want them to. What are their hopes and dreams? Right now, the biggest one is "to quit band!" Oh, for the grace of Mozart, you can't quit band. It is an easy A. Unless you don't go to your lessons. Pinky Brewster will tell you all about that.
Puppy Love?.....As you readers may know, dogs or the dream of having more dogs occupies the future here in Looney Land. What, may I ask you, is the number one consideration to keep in mind when raising dogs? Comments are encouraged.
Career Change vs Job Change.....It hits like a divorce. Sometimes you want it, sometimes you know it's coming but don't want to admit, and sometimes it just hits you in the face without expecting it. Readers I ask you what is your definition of career change vs job change. Words of wisdom (I know you Looney's are full of this!) and ways to keep the ole mind from going insane.
In closing....I had given my resignation as writer of the Looney Talk post. However, after careful consideration and talks with the management, we have come to an agreement and my columns will keep coming provided as it does not exhibit bad taste, intimate conversations, intimate actions (unless it has to do with enormous size or amount of sex ) or anything else that would look, say, indicate, presume, suggest, imply or paint my immediate family in a way that would be considered piggish, less than appealing, stinky, jerk, prick, stubborn, or any other type of adjectives that a spouse wouldn't want the other spouse to say about them in public.


a fan said...

1) Dogs aren't humans. They have their own needs and communication styles.
2) Career change comes in 2 forms: voluntary and forced. Either way, within 2 years you will find that you are better off/happier than before. Much like divorce.

Frankie said...

a fan makes good points. I will add:

Dogs: They need LOTS OF TIME AND ATTENTION. It is not fair to set them aside until you have a few hours on a weekend. Their brains are working all the time.

Career change vs job change: A job change is just finding someone else to pay you for the sort of thing you're already doing. A career change means looking at the world in a whole new way. It's scarier but a lot more fun.

I'll give you the advice I gave my little brother years ago. Don't be like so many people and ask, "What can I barely stand to do for the next 10-20 years?" The right question is, "What do I love to do and how can I arrange to get paid for it?" It's worked well for me and, dare I say, for the aforementioned little brother.

Loon said...

Dear "a fan",
Bite your tongue! (pun intended) Dogs are human! I would know, one just told me that. In English. Yeah, we all have our "own needs" so I guess that just proves their humanity.
As for communication styles, have you never watched FOX News? Growling, barking, snarling about things you disagree with? The only difference is that dogs know when they are wrong!
And get this - dogs have registration papers, but anybody can have a child! Seems backwards, eh?

Hmm, how can I arrange to get paid for running sleddogs...great advice!

Angie said...

Great bits to chew on fan and Frankie.
It's good to have a hobby. Something to keep those dreams in check. It's another to change your career just to fulfill a dream.