Thursday, August 7, 2008

Movie Reviews: Hot Fuzz and Big Nothing

Or: I got you pegged

Babe and I watched two movies starring Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead): Hot Fuzz 2007 and Big Nothing 2006.

Hot Fuzz was a great movie, co-written by Pegg. Fast-paced action, hot editing made for a frenetic movie. Co-starring Pegg's friend Nick Frost, Hot Fuzz was a satirical look at cop movies, with a quirky twist. Super Cop Pegg is sent to a small English village where nothing ever happens - or so they claim. Even if the action was somewhat predictable, the two actor's charms always held your attention. And the twist of the plot was creative. Truly a classic British comedy.

Big Nothing is another story. Co-starring David Schwimmer, the one redeeming value of this film might just be the acting of Pegg, playing a scumbag as opposed to his usual turn as the hero. However, even with the constant twists to the plot, the writing didn't pull it off. Almost cartoon-ish in storyline, the "surprises" became predictable. Possibly a waste of an evening.

So, big thumbs up for Hot Fuzz, thumbs down for Big Nothing.

Oh, but my goodness did they look good on the plasma!

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