Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Is anyone else out there having problems with their garden produce this season? Besides my tomatoes, I checked out my sweetcorn and there is not one single ear of corn on the stalk. How can this be? Coons? Or did the ears ever produce? And those tomatoes. I have been out there shaking my bushes everynight and still not many blossoms. The peppers I have are spicy, few and far between.
ANd the worst thing is this. WE finally got our tiller part picked up from the local hardware store. THey fixed it by getting a new part. It cost almost $50. Ouch! So, here's the lesson in tilling the garden. Pick up those frickin' red flags instead of tilling them into the soil. It could save you $50. Tim still loves me, I just have a lot of making up to do. Don't bother us for a couple of days if you know what I mean.:)

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Susan said...

Everything's late, late, late, and I'm blaming it on the rain rather than on my sloth and procrastination.

This is the first year I've grown sweet corn. I've been eating it for two days now. I think if raccoons had gotten in, you'd see damage as well as absent ears.

I've eaten two tomatoes (a variety new to me, and nothing special as far as I can see) as well as some cherry tomatoes. But the other plants have barely bloomed yet. Neither have the bell peppers. :(