Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Looney Farm Inventory

And just what do we keep on the Looney Farm, you might all be asking yourselves?
20 chickens (and declining!)
including the bad-ass rooster Wino, and his butt-boy sidekick Blackie

18 outdoor cats (The actual Matriarch of the family was Nellie. Father was Big Balls)
Grey Mama(Her Mom was "Talkie" and Talkie's Mom was Marshmellow and her mom was Nellie) - matriarch and nice, albeit somewhat feral, main-mama
Black Mama (Her Mom was Sylvia and her mom was Nellie)- and not a very good one at that - so no more motherhood for her!
M.J. (Murphy Junior) - a super nice gray-brown tabby Tom that we love so much we got him "fixed" so he wouldn't run off. He still picks fights with the other males, however. He looks a lot like Murphy.
Tippy - white with brown markings, tips of her ears and tail are white. Deep blue eyes. Twin sister to one of my all-time favorites, Squeak (named for the way she would yell at me as a newborn as I walked by the box the kittens were in). Poor Squeak lost an eye and nearly lost a leg and eventually used up all 9 lives. Squeak really loved me and I still miss her.
Patch - White with patches (get it?) of gray and brown. Nice cat who lives in the woods, but comes in to eat and go on walks.
Bootie Barker - beautiful silver male with white booties, named after a NASCAR crew chief.
Precious - a fluffy orange MALE, very cranky (possibly due to his name?)
Henry - named after Henry Rawlings, as they both yell a lot, he is a sweetheart orange tabby who was under-sized at birth and we weren't sure he was going to make it.
Diego - another orange male tabby (ankle-biter!) Diego's brother Baby ran off, (another name issue?) we think he's the top Tom prowling the neighborhood. Dad was a wandering, dark orange tom with dark yellow eyes named Norman New Cat.
Blondie - little orange tabby female (and my special friend!)
Simba - Blondie's twin sister who is extremely feral!
Myron - smallish gray-brown tabby with beautiful blue eyes!
Sausage & Cheese - pretty, fluffy calico, aptly named by Iron Man
Tigger - nice orange tabby, very friendly kitten
Frosty - (or Frosted Alps, Frosted Flakes, etc.) Tig's twin sister, extremely feral!
China - another wild kitten, cool black and gray mottled color, named after Asia, similar in color, who had the map of Asia on her forehead! (R.I.P., Asia)
Socks - kitten similar to Bootie, very cute, we are desperately trying to tame him!
Meredith - had a sibling, Grey (Meredith Grey, TV fans) who didn't survive living in the barn. Meredith is the sweetest little calico you could ever meet. (See below)

3 dogs
Krunchy - big, black, loving Alpha dog (His Mom was Annie and died 4 weeks after giving birth. I had to bottle feed him and his other 3 littermates. He came to work with me. Cutie.)
Brownie 2- she's so pretty and, ahem, blond! (She was named after the other Brownie who was Krunchy's littermate, who was runover on my birthday. Devestating to everyone. And she was "Pinky's" special dog. So the next week, I gave in to those tears of loss. We tried Sunshine, Goldie but only Brownie would do. How could I say NO to that face?)
Biscuit - spastic, hyper and intelligent little hyper dog. Oh, did I mention he's hyper?

3 indoor cats

Murphy (Anna, Josephina, Elizabeth) Brown, Investigative Kitty - my 15-year-old cat, I've known her longer than just about anybody, we've been through a lot together, she's my "divorce kitty", she saved my life when I was down and out. (Since his 3rd marriage, she's mellowed and is a super nice kitty. She fit in way before the Loon did.)
Lily - Pinky Brewster's beautiful cat, loving and sweet and incredibly clumsy! (She has been to school. She's a celebrity.)
Smoke - The Babe Wife's "special friend", the most beautiful silver coat you've ever seen. Named after Babe's fav driver, Tony Stewart (See? I'm secure!) he is her "dog-cat" in that he acts and lays on the floor like a dog, he's the little dog she never had! (Smoke does tricks for his treats. He can jump pretty high. And he loves to lick Meredith's butt. So I call him the official butt-licker.)

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