Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Weekend Movie Review

Manic-A white knuckled, emotional rollercoaster ride. If you have ever thought of harming yourself, you NEED to watch this film. It's a great look into the mental institute and gives valuable insight into the mind of those people whom you may not understand. Watch the careers of the young actors, they gave intense performances.
The Wind in the Barley-Another intense film, this time 1920's Ireland. Authentic costumes, scenery, mannerisms, lanuage, a great look at what it was like during that particular turbulent time in Ireland's history.
Picnic at Hanging Rock-An Australian film adapted from a novel. What really got me is there wasn't the resolution in the film I needed. Quite frankly, I was very disappointed. Set during victorian times in Australia, lots of sexual undertones. Loon and I were again predicting what the next line would be. Kudos to the Loon, he won that round. Maybe the resolution would be in the novel?
Ed TV-Yeah, I liked this one. Directed by Ron Howard so right there you know it will be cute and funny. Ellen DeGeneres was great. She should have her own TV show:) If you need an uplifting funny comedy this is one to put in the machine. Matthew McCaughney and Jenna Elfman were cute together. Woody Harrelson plays Mac's brother. Would love to see those to in a Natural Born Killers sequel titled, "the Brothers" could be interesting.
Best in Show-This was a great funny comedic mock documentary. Written off kilter so to speak. Loved the characters and the dogs. Parker Posey played a great annoying dog owner. She is my least favorite actress by the way. Fred Willard, he was great an the play by play announcer a t the dog show. And Eugene Levy as the husband of Catherine O'Hara. The dog owner with a past of hundreds of lovers. Great film, worth the laughs.
Almost Famous-A great film about a young budding rock journalist following around the band on a tour. Stillwater is the band. Kate Hudson is the band date who the young journalist falls in love with. Great scenes. Good music. Set in 1973, I was a little young but I remember going to parties similiar to what the band was at. Especially the Topeka, Kansas party. Loved the guys in the band, loved the band dates, there is a purpose-to appreciate the music. If you ever wanted to be in a touring band, this is a must see film.


Frankie said...

Picnic at Hanging Rock is a haunting movie that would be a lot less haunting if it had a solution. Think of Blair Witch Project, or other Australian films, like the Hnging Rock director's wonderful The Last Wave, or A Cry in the Dark. Do watch those two, if you haven't, and let me know what you think.

I suppose you think The Lady and the Tiger should have spelled out an answer, too.

Angie said...

I remember watching A Cry in the Dark, but it was night and I fell asleep....):
Really....good points you bring up.

Susan said...

Hanging Rock is one of my very favorite films -- 100% atmosphere, no plot at all, and no pat solution.

Then there's the "pet solution" -- Best in Show with the Natural Born Winner -- a Norwich! April's favorite film, along with Wizard of Oz. ;)

Loon said...

Hanging Rock is reminiscent of the shorts on the Independent Film Channel: they had a great idea, got deep into it, and had no idea how to finish!

"After overcoming great odds, Dorothy arrives at the Emerald City, and then - THE END!" How does it turn out? Make up your own ending!

Pretty easy to write a "mystery" if you don't have to write a solution! I'm sure Psycho would have been "more haunting" if we never found out who the killer was!

Vague hints at homosexuality, vague hints at the boys, girls who saw things but don't say - it's ENTIRELY left up to the viewer?

Cop out, IMHO.

Frankie said...

I'm not trashing Psycho, which has many of the best horror scenes every filmed, but it should have ended sooner, with the body in the rocking chair and the crazed killer coming out of the dark. Having people then sit down and explain the whole thing really does weaken the ending, I think.

Okay, here's one I am going to insist that you watch, and soon: The Company of Wolves. Tell me if you think it needs more explanation. Of course, in case you do, I recently (to my dismay) stumbled upon a website that claims to "reveal the symbols and their meanings" of that movie. Eek. I'm not going to look at that site. I've got my own symbols and meanings, thank you very much.

I have seen movies that frustrated me because of their lack of resolution, but PaHR is not one of them. Maybe it's a girl thing. :)

Loon said...

I think it's great to be mysterious:
"Where did those damn birds come from, and will they come back?"

But to leave it as ANYthing could have happened, that's just WAY too easy!

"It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shot rang out! The End."

Like a song with no meaning? ;)

Angie said...

The young audience of today's world would be bored to tears by watching Psycho.
My teen audience LOL when I told them how I thought The Exorcist was one of the scariest movies of all time. Fake they cried. Not enough blood? I guess pea green soup didn't cut it.
Now I know they are too young to really understand the total concept of the film, but they are the target audience of Hollywood Movie Producers.
Hanging just goes to show you that you can write anything you want and people will argue what you DIDN'T or DID do. It's all good from what I hear.