Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Living in a Modern Commune

So I was thinking on Mother's Day as I was sitting around the campfire by myself this thought popped into my mind. It would be great if I could live here on my farm, maybe raise a pig and a cow, along with the chickens, cats and dogs, and have a garden. And I would count on my neighbor to grow the feed for the livestock. And we would shop at the local General Store that would NOT get their items from foreign countries but from other crafters within the state or county. And we would gather together in times of harvest and planting. We would share in joys and sorrows. And no one would go without. Everyone would have enough to eat, and warm place to sleep, food in the pantry, food for the livestock, and a place for the children to run and play without fear of stranger abductions.
Is anyone else out there interested? I realize some would say, hey join the Amish. Or some other religious cult. But I don't need religion. Religion is what has caused the great divide of humanity. I am looking for others who wish to commune with others on this spiritual level, who wish to live together as a human unit.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reverence to Life

I saw the rope
Innocently blowing gently against the silver maple trunk
root bound on top of the concrete
It is what its forced to do

But no complaints come from the tree
until the wind blows
starting slowly, gently, rocking
to and fro
lullaby for finches
and chickadees,
who fly around in a buzz
for their supper

Alas, I have gotten off the subject
of my suicidal discoveries

I saw the rope
and cut it
but it was tough
cotton, old and covered with
a film of moss

as I sawed the salvation
to my suicide
my arm began to wear
such work to off one's self
why all the bother?
there should be an easier
or at least a less dreadful
effort to send the soul to the
other side.

The rope is now cut,
the curious dangling rope is
but a stump of a rope
still attached to the Silver Maple
forever, soon to become
swallowed up into the abyss
of organic life.

My thoughts of giving up life
by using the rope
is now being taken by the life force of
the Silver Maple
forever being locked up to be found
by some palenentolgist from
another galaxy
exploring Mother Earth by a
future being.

Even in death, life continues
in perputual motion
forever and ever.
Only dust becomes us
and in that moment
it ceases to be just a particle
but nothingness.

Reverence to Life

Angela J Looney

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Happened to Your Machine Tim?

If you read all his posts after his nose surgery and all those pictures of Tim with his shirt off covered in his mask, you also would wonder what happened? He is not wearing his mask at nights. Why not you ask? I don't know he won't answer. Maybe all that drama for nothing.
Oh well.....I'm too tired anymore to ask him about it. Time to go to bed and get up at 5:15 to ride along with a 14-year old driver. A driver who stops when we turn corners! And he likes to drive on the left side of the road. Are we in England?
Crykey, I'm gonna go to bed. G'nite.