Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What was your first job and how much money did you earn?

So I got a call mid-morning today. I wasn't sure why the daughter was calling me and I am at my new job so I really didn't want to disrupt what we were working on, but I answered my cell. The girl wanted to know my first job and how much I earned. Here's my first job that I can remember where I had to have a social security card and all that jazz. I worked at the cafeteria at Upper Iowa University. I believed I earned about $1.10 an hour. I would work at banquets waiting on tables, and clearing the tables. Guess it was ok. IT must have made an impression that I didn't want to get into that line of work.
Looney reader's share with us your story of first job and how much you earned.

Come on, what are you waiting for?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Loon's Big Mushing Wreck

Read about Loon's big mushing wreck here.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Reading Material

Looney Talk readers here is another chance for you to voice your opinions. This week we are asking you what are you reading? Go ahead and share your latest adventure book, your romance novel or the best darn article you've read from your favorite mag rag.
Here's what on my list.
Road Show-Neil Peart
(Gave this book to Tim for Christmas and I read it first. How mean am I? If you don't know anything about Tim, you probably shouldn't be reading this blog. However, if you do know and love Tim, you'll know and love this book as well. Neil writes about his travels from one show to another, night after night all the while on a motorcycle. Great look to the inside of a working rock band. I like his style of writing. Reminds me of brother Pete's writing styles. Pete Looney, keep writing and work on publishing your work. I'll read it.
Winterdance-Gary Paulsen
(I am not finished with this, but it is a book I gave Tim for his birthday. OF course, he picked it out, found it on line and bought it for himself. But it was for him. IT is a great look at what it is like to even BEGIN to start racing sled dogs. It is a funny story of a man who really doesn't have a clue to what he is doing. Kinda like someone else we know and love. His mistakes are what makes me laugh out loud. Knowing that I, too, would probably have done what he did. So far so good. I could hardly put the book down last night.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Is Not A Film

This past weekend, the Loons watched the 2003 film "This Is Not A Film". A pseudo-documentary of a young man who makes a video-reenactment of his relationship with a lost love.
Through the act of remaking their dates, combined with the analysis of the woman who portrays his lost-love, he begins to discover his part in the downfall.
A clever device, and a decent exploration of the differing views on a relationship, he was searching for Grace, which is the ultimate theme - searching for grace.

I give it a 3 out of 5.
Angie says this is her summary: This film took an idea and made it into a movie. Some parts I liked. Some effects I did not like. In fact they were extremely annoying to me. The jump cuts just bothered me. I can't stand it. It seems to be the "latest" hip technique, but I am old-school and declare the director/editor couldn't come up with an original transitional technique.
I give this film a 2.75 out of 5. (Hey, a 5 is considered a 10 so it was not a bad film at all. Go ahead, watch it yourself and comment. Dare YOU!!!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Latest Musical Influences

We know we all have been influenced by bands, musicians, poets and teachers when we were young. But who is the latest person to have influenced you musically?
Here's my list: the 100s-Hubby's band but they have influenced and continually support my goal of playing guitar.
Alejandro Escovedo-This guy has been around a long time and has been through a lot. He writes great music and puts on a heck of a performance even if there were only 20 people at the bar. He is a great musician and just to be able to hear him and see him was amazing, a life changing moment.

Tell us who influences you. Share and compare. My list is short because there are so many bands that I can't list them all right now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Doors and Cats

Have you ever heard the pawing of your cat, trying to get into the room you are occupying? Now here's another question. Have you ever had a cat who gets into the room, closes the door than can't get out? That is what we have here in Looney Land. Smoke, that crazy cat of ours does it on a semi-daily regular basis. We have had to put door stops in (loose weights, amp's and heavy stuff like that) in front of the doors so he won't lock himself in. And the worst of it, he always has accomplishes. Little Dottie and Meredith. His little harem. Besides the obvious of tossing him outdoors to fend for himself, what can a mother cat do?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Movies Angie and Tim Watched

Now look, we don't claim to be hip, happening nor on top of things. In fact, one person could say we are middle-aged hippies who are working for the man. Tim of course, works for the "coolest, hippest, man. While Angie does work for the man. In order to maintain my great status with the company, no further talk of this will occur.
My point is this, we watched a great movie several weeks ago and we are of course way behind schedule with the rest of the "world."
Here it is: Juno. Yes, great movie that we will watch over and over again. Maybe not as much as Tim is watching "Once" but something along those lines. IF you have not seen Juno, don't wait any further. Put it on top of your list. Humanity in a nutshell. Well written and well-shot cinematography. Great actors who were able to tap into each's other emotional state of their character's.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mushing On Ice

By Angie
I'll admit it. I am now a musher. And in the two plus weeks I have taken out my two dogs, Brownie and Biscuit with Krunchy off-leash leading our way, I have bruised my elbows, hyper-extended my knee, and almost flipped myself over the sled onto the ice glacier of an Iowa waterway. This is the most dangerous sport I have ever done! Just when it starts getting fun, something happens and BAM! I find myself beat up. Realistically, I don't think my body can take it. It is tough. So kudos to all those mushers. I'll stick to being an amateur. And my question to you is this: How do you run dogs on solid sheets of ice?