Saturday, August 2, 2008

Music Night

Friday Night means Music Night at the Looney Farm. This night was a little more subdued because of the daughter being home. It kinda felt like when you were a teenager and you had your parent at home. We didn't crank up the stereo as loud as we had wanted, but we listened to some incredible pieces of music. It always amazes me when we start out we don't really know the direction the night will take us and the last song and artist is the encore of the evening, no doubt. Without further adu here is the list:
Alejandro Escovedo (3) cuts from his new CD Real Animal. "Nuns Song" "Chip n' Tony" and "Hollywood Hills"
Nuns and Hollywood Hills are both really great Al songs. Nuns is more rocking with an incredible drum performance by Hector Munoz. The more I listen, the more I absorb it. Hollywood Hills really highlights the brillance of Al and his orchestra. The strings don't define his music, they provide the depth of the creative soul. Chip n Tony is a great rock n roll bar song, perhaps a bit predictable but it is what it is.
Neal Coty-Tim picked this and I was blown away that I had never heard of this guy. He played two cuts from Chance & Circumstance and Legacy. He'll have to fill you in on the actual song names, as I am not sure. To sum up this man, Neal Coty, great alt-country sound and feel to his music. Where has he been? I want to take these CD's and put them in my car and listen to them. Who cares if they are ten years old, they are new to me now!
The Replacements-CD Don't Tell a Soul cut "Achin' to Be"
I wanted to share some of my old music with Tim and I choose this song because if memory served me, it was one of my favorites and had some grittiness that I thought Tim would appreciate. After listening, I was right. Yes, it had some of that 80 polished punkness to it, but there is a great alt-country beat, harmonica, and that roughness that makes them one of the great bands from the 80's.
John Mellencamp-CD Human Wheels
Tim's Choice. Now, since I was totally blown away by this and unfamiliar with the CD, I'm not sure which cut he chose? Incredible. Tim really pulled this out of his basement of fine, fitting tunes. Mellencamp put together a great band and sound. I used to listen to him way, way back in the days when he was Cougar ya know. He was there in my car, in my bedroom singing to me everynight and morning (in that order) and I couldn't believe that I had left him like a used boyfriend who didn't have a car. Pleasantly pleased I was with this. Nice job Tim. You win Producer's Excellence this evening with 2 great picks. Tim Up by 2.
Keith Richards-Talk is Cheap "Struggle"
I wanted to surprise Tim with something he may have not heard before. And this was one. Not as brillant as Mellencamp or a catch as Neal Coty, but a surprise. If you have never heard Richards sing, you should at least give it a spin and make your own conclusion. Not everyone is a singer and there is a reason. Enough said.
Dido-No Angel
Tim's choice and again, I don't know which cut. However, it was cool. Great voice, good arrangement of instruments. It has that sound of the faintest of the vocal, strong sound but the effect makes it seem like the voice is far off. I'm sure there is a technical term for it but for now I'll just call it "spacey" because that seems to fit.
Sinead O'Connor-CD "I Don't Want WHat I Haven't Got" title cut
In keeping with the theme of spaciness, I pulled this one out of my collection. It had not been in the CD player for years and years but I was glad I did. This cut is over a 5 minute accapella piece that maintains perfect pitch throughout, we swear no edits. Incredible voice Sinead has and I wanted to play more cuts but will have to save them for next friday. I got Tim with this.
Kathleen Edwards-CD Asking for FLowers
You now by now the routine. Angie doesn't know the cut Tim provided however, what he played was amazing. Kathleen had violens, and other great instrument arrangements. If you are a fan, you should be pleased with the direction of this artist. She is taking huge strides in growing as an artist and songwriter. Deeper more emotional musicanship yet not being pretenous. (IS there spell check in this program?:)
Jason Castro-American Idol "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
We had to see if this performance held up in time. It has only been six months, and I would conclude that it does indeed. He is cute and all, but has a style all his own that fits him. I would look forward to his own CD that I'm sure he'll release after all the Idol stuff is over.
Annie Lennox/Dave Stewart Unplugged "Here Comes the Rain, Again"
Everytime I see this, hear this I get chills. Chills of brillance, chills of emotions, chills of love lost. These two are masters of their profession. You can't top this.
Annie Lennox is the best female vocalist of all time. IF you are a vocalist, listen to her, watch her. Her phrasing, her vocal pitch, tone, emphasis is perfection of each and every note. Her whole body is her instrument.
Magnolia Electric Co. DVD
Tim played me some of the boxed set he borrowed from buddy and fellow 100 Dave Pedersen. Needless to say, Angie had her fill of friday night beer and after laying on the couch to relax and listen to tunes, ended up falling asleep during the DVD. NOw, I did watch for awhile so my review will be limited and short. Great pictures of the countryside of Canada. The songs (what I heard in limited viewing) were subdued yet peaceful and dark. Nothing rocked me awake is what I mean. That is ok. I didn't need to be shook awake. I need to give this another try, like say today while Tim is getting ready to perform tonight at Hoover fest. So, I am not putting this down, need more time to listen with an alert mind.
Overall night: Tim wins with the male vocalist the Neal Coty find. Angie wins female vocalist category with the Sinead O'Conner song.

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susan said...

Sinead rules. I'm pretty sure I sent you the YouTube of her singing Foggy Dew with The Chieftains. First take, perfect.

I play that every St. Patrick's Day and any other day I can reasonanbly (or otherwise) associate with Ireland.