Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day of the Living Morning Glories

by Angie Loon
Imagine, sitting on your summer deck looking out into the yard. The green, green grass of home. Red delicious Dahlia's covered with blooms, salmon-colored Petunia's twinking eyes in the wind and the magnificant beauty of the Stargazer Lily.
As you sit there one dog day of summer morn, you notice the vines that have circled the Canna's great trunk. The old bicycle placed in the center of the flower bed to add to the funkiness of your flower bed is gone. Completely swallowed. The cries from the Bleeding Heart are wasted on deaf ears. The Morning Glories have taken over. Just like the fog coming up from the Wapsi, so to have the monsters of the summer, the Morning Glories.
This film has not yet been rated. Due to the graphic nature of the lifestyle of the fawna, the board of directors has not yet released their findings. They believe their Chairmen of the Board is lost in a bed of Morning Glories.


Susan said...


My MGs haven't bloomed yet, but those also got planted out very late. In fact, it wasn't until I realized why the clematis were dying (someone had accidentally "pruned" them close to the ground when trimming the weeds) that I rushed out and got MG seeds. So it's a delight still in my future.

Angie said...

Please, don't buy any more MG seeds. I will GIVE you all the seeds you will ever need! Seriously. Save your hard cash.

Frankie said...

Being more of a night person, I would love to have some moonflowers. Anybody got any seeds for those?