Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Want to be a Musher

By Apple Pantie
For years I have had a dream. One that keeps me up late at night. It wakens me from a dead sleep. The thought of running a team of dogs along the mountains in Alaska makes my heart race. The idea of having not just 3 dogs, but 300 dogs makes me giddy like a school girl. And scooping the poop. Oh, the smell of the decaying feces in the heat of an Iowa summer, just makes me wanna snap a photo as a keepsake. And exercising my team of dogs. Yes, exercising my dogs. I can't wait to get up every morning at 5 to take the team out. And again in the evening. Depending upon the time of year, sometimes late into summer's night. In the winter running early while it is snowing and blowing. The more bitter the wind, the better.
Yes, dear readers, this has been a dream. The reality? I don't have enough money to feed 300 dogs. I don't have enough money to add a cat to the house. And exercise? I barely have enough time every morning to walk the 3 dogs I have. And today, they got all excited over a coon up the road. I could hardly contain them. They almost dragged me down the gravel road. Wouldn't that have been a sight? Some middle-aged woman being dragged by a pack of wild dogs. I wonder if I could have called in sick? And last but not least, where would we put 300 dogs? We have almost 5 acres of land. Every inch is taken. We have an east woods. We have an open field. We have a veggie garden, herb garden, west woods, north woods and the open range of the front yard. Doesn't seem to me that we have enough room for any more dogs. Instead, I think I'll get back to my dream of being in a punk band. I already have a name for my band.....keep on blogging folks. I can't tell you everything in one blog.

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