Sunday, August 17, 2008

Movie Review

Click-Adam Sandler film. Cute and funny, teary moments to boot. Music from my era, so I tended to relate. Henry Winkler and Julie Kavner play his parents. It's one of those movies you can watch if you are having a hard time figuring out your life. It kind of reminds you that some of the treasures in ones life is not the money or job promotion, but those who stand beside you.
Nearing Grace-Set in 1978 New Jersey, a high school senior who falls for the rich spoiled girl who abuses him for her own selfish ways. Meanwhile, his one true friend watches without telling him how she feels about him. ANother movie with nostaglic music. Lots of dope smoking. I am not sure I remember high school like that. Loon says he's not ready to see this one right away. (Am I right, Loon?)
Six Feet Under-Season 2-Yeah, I know it's not a film, but for what it for is this is some of the best acting, writing, directing, photography ever on the small screen. We have been stringing ourselves with this series. Because it is so intense and deep, we watch one episode and think about it for a week or more. Now, we have just finished season 2 and it is like missing your best friend while away at college. Wow, is all I can say about the finale. Totally amazing. IF you have not seen this series, start. Let us know, it makes a great gift for the holidays.


Loon said...

Click was OK, fairly predictable. Another version of A Christmas Carol or It's A Wonderful Life. Cute concept, but I was a little disappointed that the remote wasn't utilized for more than skipping ahead. OK, not great. Adam Sandler is good at being lovably goofy, but the story came to the standard conclusion.
Nearing Grace, yes was set in the late 70's, so I was about the same age as the actors at the time, but just a little annoying at the thick-headedness of the characters. Everybody just using each other. The actors were talented, attractive young people, but this couldn't really hold up for the entire movie. Yes - I will see it again, but not for a while.

Six Feet Under deserves it's own post, and if you haven't watched it, then you've missed out on the best writing and the absolute best acting on television.

canadia said...

yeah tim u totally cried!!