Saturday, July 19, 2008

We Live In A Rainforest

Or "How I Avoided Mowing Again!"

We live on a 5 acre farm we call "Crooked Tree Acres". On it, we have a small ranch house, a big old barn, big garden, a couple of raspberry patches, the back woods and the east woods. We probably mow 2-and-a-half to 3 acres. That's a lot.

Last fall, one of the riding mowers died, and so I was able to get me a "Big Boy" mower - a John Deere 445 Garden Tractor with a 60 inch mowing deck. Whoo hoo! I've cut my mowing time by more than half!

Of course, that was before gas prices hit nearly $4.00/gal. Sort of takes some of the charm out of it, eh?

So even though I now think that not mowing isn't so bad, the longer it gets, the slower it takes to mow. It's a vicious circle!

Well, the hot, humid days with spotty showers make the Amazon sound like Alaska - cool and comfortable! Our grass grows like crazy ( I swear you can see it!) but it is so wet that I can't mow without plugging up the mower and leaving huge piles of grass.

Guess I'll just sit inside, watch some tube and drink a beer.

Life in the Rainforest isn't so bad.

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