Monday, July 14, 2008

The Lost Weekend

Another weekend has come and gone quickly by. We (The 100s) had a great show Saturday night in Waubeek. The weather was nearly perfect, the crowd was good and the fireworks were awesome!
A big thank you to the great fans who danced the entire show - you guys are an inspiration to us!
The band was rockin' and had a great time - until the power went off with about 8 bars left in the last song of the night! Oh well, best laid plans.
My thanks go out to my band mates - their talents never cease to amaze me! And a special thanks to my darling Angela for her support of the band - you rock my world!

Sunday was a day to recover, and other than the usual farm chores and some mowing, most of the day was spent indoors, watching TV. Trying to post to the blog but we lost our Internet connection.

And before you know it, back to the work week.

Sigh - another lost weekend.

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