Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Just finished watching "Primetime: The Outsiders" on ABC, from last week, about Charlie Vandergaw, the retired schoolteacher who lives with bears in Alaska.
He's crazy. He needs to be eaten by a bear! He is training them to go to houses and get food from humans. It can't be good in the long run. The more they get socialized, the more dangerous it becomes.
He is similar to Timothy Treadwell, the guy who also lived with bears in Alaska. He got himself and his innocent girlfriend eaten.

I found myself cheering for the bears to eat Charlie!

It's arrogant and naive to to think he is not a "normal" human, but has a special relationship with bears. He said this was the way it was until humans mucked it up, but I don't think that humans lived with bears in prehistoric times! He is training them to be around humans, and that's dangerous.
Interesting and well done report. Hope to catch more of the series.

I do, however, have a special relationship with beers!

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