Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hopkins Review by Angie

"Hopkins" This ABC summer series is a cross between the first seasons of ER and the artistic elements of the early Grey's Anatomy. It is more dramatic then the Trauma: LIfe in the ER reality show and it has just the right amount of medicine and doctor lingo for the audience like myself who loves to hear those big medicine-laced words. I would agree with the Loon on the Indy songs. As refreshing as the music is to this world of garbled pop stylized crap, I found it be annoying to the point of me wanting to throw my favorite pillow at the screen. Enough already I proclaim!!! Yeah, the producers did catch a break by finding a doctor who is going thru a divorce. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. As anyone who has gone thru a divorce knows, they ALL are like that. Some turn uglier than others but in the long run they are similiar. It is a death of a relationship and it is sad no matter what the outcome is. And when Tim needs a new brain, I will in fact take him to Johns Hopkins to have the doc work on him. So, in summing up, I loved the first episode of Hopkins and could hardly wait for the second. This is one reality/drama that I will watch and look forward to all the drama and hospital chaos on a weekly basis. I don't know how long they can produce a show of this caliber but I will enjoy it in the process.

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