Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Secret Private Diary

Dear Diary,
To all the millions of readers out there who are viewing my blog on a daily basis, good morning. And to all those who join later, good afternoon. And to those other million who view at night, for heaven's sake Go to Bed. Just joking.
Seriously, have you ever had a conversation with the love of your life and it goes something like this? We can have a blog and everyone can read it. You just write what you are feeling or what pops into your mind. ANd then you find out that you can't write personal issues because it would be too personal and that is what an email is for. Now, I am confused. What do I write about? I would think that the subject of adult children would be ok, because afterall they are over 21 and they have their own myspace spots or facebook or something along those lines. Even the daughter has a facebook page and she is under-age. It is not like I am writing my social security number on the site. And suggesting the condition of our phyical bodies is another off limits? Well, I will tell you about my physical conditions diary. Because you want to know it. My knee hurts. After that cortizone injection it aches. After having surgery on it back in 1980, there is not much left of the cartiledge on the right one. So walking down the road with the dogs, it tends to ache. ANd diary, this year my back has gone thru some terrible dreadful strains and pulls and such. And darn it, it does hurt. Readers around the world need to hear about my aching back. Maybe I could help someone feel not as depressed about their own aging body. Afterall, I owe it to my public. They need to read all my intimate details. Like that time I dreamt about going on a date with Ted Nugent. The week earlier Becky Griffin and I went to the 5 Season's Center and we heard this incredible show. Ted Nugent, Black Foot and the Scorpions. Great show. I can even remember the outfit I was wearing. A black tank top, some gold colored big bell bottomed jeans and a black long scarf on my head. We drove down in Becky's parents car. You know, the car we drove around in the college parking lot backward because someone had told us it would take off the mileage. Don't think we really saw any mileage drop off. But I did have a dream about going on a date with Ted. So, there you go. Diary I dreamt about Ted Nugent, have an aching knee and occassional back strain and my significant other doesn't want me to talk about anything personal on our blog. Dogs are ok but not backs.
That is it for this edition of my secret, private diary on the internet.


Anonymous said...

Nobody's reading your blog anyway, you may as well put personal stuff in it.

Frankie said...

Thank you, Angie. I don't see you often enough and like to know the personal things going on with you. I'm sorry you're in pain. I feel luckier every year. I may look decrepit but I don't feel it! Anyway, hope you find something that helps, and keeping posting for those of us who care.

And ignore anybody named "anonymous." They don't show their face, they don't need to be listened to.

Angie said...

I think I know who anonymous may be. If it is not her, than it is ok because it is someone that is not living in the same house with me. So that would mean, someone other than immediate family is reading our blog. Hoorah!
Like your attitude Frankie and will try to be more like you in that respect.

Frankie said...

Hm, Ted Nugent? Give me Meat Loaf any time.