Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Angie is gonna get a whole new wardrobe!

Tony Stewart was granted a release from the final year of his contract with JGR and will head to HAAS/CNC Racing as a part-owner and driver. The team will be renamed Stewart Haas Racing in 2009. Rumors have it that Tony will change both car numbers next season. The rumors say that Stewart would probably choose the #14 as his car number to honor his hero, the great A.J. Foyt. It looks as if current Penske driver Ryan Newman will join Tony. Old Spice and Office Depot will probably be Tony's sponsers, and rumors have it Newman will field a car sponsored by Jack Daniels.

The Sporting News


holycatzeke said...

Um, Angie...what in the world does Tony Stewart have to do with your wardrobe?!? Those of us who know you have already figured it out, but I think you need a tie-in for the newbie readers.... : )

Angie said...

Thanks Holy for your insight comments. For those readers who aren't on the "inside" here is what the inside joke on the new wardrobe is: Angie is a HUGE fan of Tony Stewart. Her husband, Tim even encouraged her to name the cat after her hero. Smoke, the cat usually hangs out with Angie at night. And Holy, just so you know, SMOKE is also Tony Stewart's nickname. Check out his website at