Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Angie's Garden

This seasons garden is far from what I have grown in the past. I didn't get a chance to start planting anything until the end of April and I just started with onion sets. The ground was so cold and we did not till that past fall so the soil was in pretty rough shape. (Not cutting down the Loon-just telling the truth.) WHen I did get the potatoes in the ground still was cold. ANd the early corn went in about the same time and it took forever for it to come up. It is now about 2 feet tall and tassling. Such a sight for sore eyes. My peas didn't get planted until mid May so right now they are looking shabby. It was so wet for such a long spell and then it didn't rain for weeks and got the ground all dry. ANd then to top it off, the last time I tilled I got the rope that starts the tiller wrapped around itself so I couldn't get it started. Tim had to take it apart and buy a new rope and now we have to take it in to a shop to get it put back together. Seems like there is always something. However, a bright spot is the cherry tree and red raspberries are producing record crops. Too bad I don't have enough time or energy to get out there and pick more. Maybe tonight!

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