Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tomato Talk

Is anyone else having problems with their tomato crop this season? I do not have many blossom's on my plants. Too much rain perhaps? If you have any ideas on what I could do to produce more blossom's write me back! Angie


Frankie said...

It's a bad year for tomatoes. Not much you can do to change that. Last year I had 4 plants that produced 100s (don't you love that word?) of tomatoes. This year, only one of my 5 plants has any tomatoes - a total of 4. Very disappointing. I do have a tip, though. If you shake your plants daily while they're in blossom, you'll get more fruit. It seems they self-pollinate and shaking aids the process.

Angie said...

So basically I could sum up your solution by rewriting an old Steve Miller song so it would go like this....
"Really like your tomatoes
wanna shake your bush"


I smell a party coming on.

Frankie said...

Good rewrite! Yeah, that would about sum it up.

You're right, there's a party coming. I won't be serving tomatoes, though.

Angie said...
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