Friday, July 25, 2008

The new bedroom is here, the new bedroom is here!

Or "How to Hurt Your Back in an Evening"

Well, our basement master bedroom remodeling project is completed. Two days shy of being SEVEN months in the making! (If you need some contractor advice, have we got some!) We now have a larger master bedroom, with room to move around in. A chair for me to watch TV while Ang sleeps, dresser drawers that can open all the way, etc.

Of course, in our excitement, we moved everything in one night! Four dressers, the bed, chairs, TV, etc. (First thing I did was hookup the TV, go figure.) Oh, my aching back! Do not try this at home.

So, after several months of aggravation, living with a full room's worth of items stuck in every other room, nowhere to put the computer, etc, etc, etc - it is done!

Now we can sleep in comfort - I hope it was worth it!

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Angie said...

Here's more details for those of you who need the inside scoop. Not only did we remodel the basement room, we painted all three bedrooms on the first level. And then after we moved into the new love shack, we moved the daughter into her "new" room aka our old room, and we moved the son into his "new" room aka the daughter's old room. ANd the "new" office we be the son's "old" room. Painting is still an issue for the office. We'll get to that after we get all our treasures sorted. What to do with all our antiques and collectibles? If you have a suggested let us know.