Saturday, July 26, 2008

the 100s

Just a little inside news from what I have heard of the band's upcoming record. Oh, sorry I can't release that information or I'll really get kicked out of the band!!!!
From their show in Waubeek, you could hear some of their new songs. The guys have taken the next step in song writing. Oh, how cliche that must sound, but it is true.
Don't miss their upcoming show at the Hoover Fest, in West Branch, Iowa on August 2. Did I mention you should hear their new stuff?
Oh, and did you hear the 100s on "Down on the Corner" on KUNI radio last night? Great job KUNI and Bob Dorr. You rock Bob Dorr. That Jeff Schmidt, not only is he a great guitarist/song-writer, he's a hard-hitting news producer. Way to go Jeff!

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