Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey, Mow!

Or - "Oops, I was Wrong!"

In a previous post (We Live in a Rainforest) I implied that I was avoiding mowing. Total lie! Now that it has stopped raining every day, I have to constantly mow to keep up with it! I am never "done" with the entire yard. Just when I feel like I have finished every section, I have to start over again! Apparently I could mow every day until it snows! What's up with that? Crazy life!


Angie said...

Let's just put this disclaimer right here. Tim and Angie bought a "new" mower from the John Deere dealer in Rowley. Complete with a snow blade, too. Angie was able to use the mower for about an hour one day. Eventually, the "newness" will wear off and Tim will want to share his mowing duties. But right now, HE is the only person ALLOWED on the mower.

susan said...

He is welcome to haul it over here and chop away at my weedfield, oops, I mean my lawn.