Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Digital Age

Or "We live in a time-shifted world."

We utilize our DishNet DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for nearly all of our television viewing. And while it is extremely convenient - watch what you want, when you want - it also means we are not usually current with the normal broadcast season.
So if you're looking for revues of current shows, you may be out of luck here!

For instance, we recorded all 7 episodes of "John Adams" on HBO and are just now working our way through them. Don't worry, there WILL be a revue coming! (Oh yeah!)

Hopefully, we'll watch most weekly series within the week, so the posts will be somewhat current.

I am a few weeks behind on "Ice Road Truckers", however.

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holycatzeke said...

Oh yeah, love that "Ice Road Truckers" show...grown men who know better, but choose to live in a frozen wasteland anyway (not to mention driving their expensive rigs across frozen water).

"Forty below, could it get any colder..." - 'When The Time Is Right', The 100s, 2008