Monday, July 7, 2008

Movie Review: Limbo

Limbo 1999
When an unhappy mother-daughter pair get stuck on an island with the woman's unlikely boyfriend, all must face their demons - both imagined and unimagined.

Tim says:
This movie left me in limbo. It was neither good nor bad. Perhaps a bit ambitious in intent – writer/director John Sayles wanted to say a very deep message but didn’t pull it off.
While the attempt was there, the execution was lacking. I didn’t care about the characters; they were mostly caricatures. Yes, they were left in limbo at the end, and so was the audience, but by that point, I didn’t care if they were rescued or not.

Angie says:
This movie was predictable as they come. I knew practically the exact words they were going to recite as well as what the plot after each page was. However, the actor David Starnhart, was doing a superb job as the nerdy guy who can keep the women alive. Mary Elizabeth’s performance was blaize to say the least. Perhaps it wasn’t her fault, as the depth of the character’s was as deep as the paper it was written on. The outdoor scenery was breathtaking and I wondered if they would have spent more time on developing a script as they did researching location sites, this movie could have BEEN. The name says it all, Limbo. Which it left me in a state of not knowing whether I just wasted 90 precious minutes of my life or if I am as surfacey as Masterino’s thespian abilities.

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