Wednesday, July 16, 2008

John Adams

We just finished all seven episodes of HBO's "John Adams" miniseries. It has been incredible! The story of the birth of a nation, from the perspective of a man for whom dedication to duty and service to his country comes before all - including, to his detriment, his family.
First of all, the amazing Paul Giamatti in the title role is a pleasure to watch. He is a great actor and the fact that he is not "Hollywood pretty" is all the better. He brings a dignity and a passion to the character. He can play any role, I'm convinced.
Laura Linney as Abigail Adams is another perfect casting choice. She is strong, loving , smart and influential. They are a great couple, on-screen as well as on script.
Stephen Dillane is great as a dapper Thomas Jefferson. Hero, philanthropist, womanizer, rebel? Complicated, to say the least. And yet still lovable.
The incomparable
Tom Wilkinson as Benjamin Franklin - brilliant, wacky, egotistical, sophisticated. A great actor playing a great man greatly! He is, as always, a joy to watch.
The minor characters are well cast as well, especially the Adams children, both the young and the older.
Historically accurate, yet still compelling and dramatic.
The costumes, makeup and sets all deserve recognition, as well.
Fantastic production!


Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to watch the series for a while -- and continue to hear good things about it. Hopefully I can find a way to see it!


Tim said...

Yup - another HBO series that I find myself saying, "I'm gonna buy it on DVD!"