Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No ESPY for Lance

Champion musher Lance Mackey did not win an ESPY this year, for the second year in a row. Lance was nominated for "Best Outdoor Athlete of the Year". The winner was Army Captain Scott Smiley, blinded in Iraq, he climbed Mount Rainier in Washington state in July 2007.

Not to discredit Captain Smiley, but Lance's accomplishment deserved to win. It was as if Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France twice in the same year, two weeks apart, and then did that two years in a row! Talk about an "Iron Man" - the Incredible Lance Mackey!

Oh well, we'll keep mushing as an obscure sport.

It'll be our little secret!


Angie said...

I watched the ESPY's and was amazed as just how remarkable Justin Timerlake was as the Host. He did a great job. I never cared for the mouseketeers or INSYNC or Janet Jackson's breast for that matter. But I did enjoy his emceeing the ESPY's. Great writing, nice way of warming up the audience, unbelievable physical stamina for singing and dancing around during one of his songs that went on for 8 minutes or more. (I did have a stop watch out on that number.)

Angie said...

umm excuse me, but i think the name of that band is called NSYNC, not insync. wow, this is such a wonderful little blog, im jealous! really! whatever u didnt have a stopwatch! dont lie to all the people that read this blog! (tim and you)!