Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vice Presidential Debate

Is it going to happen? Word on the street from a guy I know who we'll just call Josh, he says Palin is going to back out of the race. Yeah, she's gonna go home and play Mommy and drive around the hockey team. Or something along those lines.
I think it is great to have someone who is "real" and who is in way over her head. Because that is what life is about. Somebody throw her a life ring or something. Does anyone remember Dan Quayle? Or am I the only one that is drawing the comparison between Sarah and Dan. Remember the spelling of potatoes? Or was it potatoe? I'll have to look it up sometime when I'm not tossing and turning over losing sleep because Sarah Palin may be next in line to run our country. Has anyone seen the headlines recently? What have the fat cats on Wall Street, Congress and across the country in board rooms been doing lately? I'll tell you what they haven't been doing. They haven't been cutting coupons. Or cancelling their vacation to some remote paradise. Let Sarah have her day in debate. It makes great TV. McCain you can't win, no matter who or what you have as a running mate. You may as well have Osama Bin Laden as your vice president. At least we would finally catch him.
Just another of my rants.

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