Sunday, September 14, 2008

Royal Viewing

This weekend we watched two movies about royalty:
Marie Antoinette (2006) was a modern look at the queen and her struggles to fulfill her duties to her family and her country. Written and directed by Sofia Coppola, it had a modern feel, used contemporary (primarily '80s) music, and modern English. Kirsten Dunst was an interesting choice as the star, who she played as rather clueless and manipulated. Harmless entertainment, but not exactly a historical, period piece.
Angie says this: The music at first look was so distracting, I could hardly contain myself. I thought I was sent back to the 1980's and was expecting Madonna dancing around with her off the shoulder shirt. But the movie developed somewhat. It was just a strange juxtaposition. If my last name was Coppola, do you think I would be able to getting funding for making a movie?

The great actress Dame Helen Mirren starred as The Queen (2006), an impressive look at Queen Elizabeth II, during the aftermath of the death of Diana. With the always enjoyable James Cromwell as Prince Phillip, and Michael Sheen as a convincing Tony Blair, this film portrayed the precarious position of the crown with regard to Diana's death. While it was an intriguing look at the inner workings, I have to wonder at the accuracy. It was billed, after all, as "Based on actual events." I would watch it again to enjoy the performances, as well as the scenery, presumably shot in Wales.
Angie says this: Loon, I thought we read credits that had listed shot on location in Scotland? Now I am confused. Great stag! Loon could barely sit there and watch without making all sorts of grunting noises. I was totally expecting some guy to start whispering, ...."oh, look at the size of that rack. We're about 100 yards away, the breeze is from the north, so the old stag can't smell us. Great time to get a shot off....BOOM!!!" This film showed a compassionate, human side of the royals. And it clearly defined the Queen's behavior to her bizarre reaction of NOT publicly reaction to Diana's death. Indeed, time for us to rid of the royal birthline and reward people who become servant's of the people by their "deeds." Long live volunteerism!

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