Monday, October 6, 2008

Road Creatures

This fall as you walk down an Iowa gravel road, maybe you'll notice those creatures in nature we call slimy, creepy, crawlers. As it turns out, this season there are so many caterpillars crossing the roads and the snakes as well. All summer I have been looking for the snakes. Not too often did I see them slithering in the grass and into the underbrush. I thought maybe the chickens killed them all. But alas, they are out in full sun on those dusty roads the dogs and I walk most every morning. Today was no different. About every 20 steps there is a caterpillar creeping across. The black and brown fuzzy ones. The same type I captured every fall and brought them into our house. I never knew my sister didn't like them. I would put grass in their home and sticks. Every morning they were gone. The vase I kept them in was short and shallow. I guess they escaped. The dogs love to check out each one as we walk the gravel. IT doesn't matter how many we look at, they all need to be investigated.
Speaking of wildlife, every time I drive past the hog confinement center about 3 miles from our home, I see the same coyote hanging out. He is reddish brown, kind of shaggy. I guess you would say he is living high off the hog. Loon wants him dead. I like to see him. As long as he is not killing chickens, he can stay over there.
And readers, we got our harnesses and ropes for the sled dog team. Loon and I took them out yesterday (Sunday) and walk the waterway to the neighbors road and back home. We were only out there for an hour, but we were beat after doing it. Biscuit is the leader. We tried Krunchy, he kept trying to go to the right. HE pulled pretty hard. Brownie is the best sled dog. She is so good. She just stays in line and follows Biscuit. His ropes are too long. They need to be shortened so he is not too far ahead of everyone.
We'll get some pictures and post sometime.
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