Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Great Day to Run Dogs

By Brownie
There's a chill in the air, the skies are partly cloudy and it's a good day to hitch up the team and start training. Why hasn't our dad got us a hitch yet? Or whatever that thing is called that Mom can hook us up to and we can FINALLY run. I just want to run. Poor Mom! She could hardly keep up with us today. She looks like a little old lady trying to hang on to a speeding train. Sunday I caught a "wabbit" I sayzz. (Dad- trying to talk DOGGIE talk here but itz nout wookeen.) Mom made me let the wabbit go. Boohoo. Biscuit and Krunchy loved to smell it and tried to take a bite out of its poor little leg. Mom said, "Drop it!" and being the good girl I am I obeyed. And I never ran off. Score one for me. Woohoo...Dad. Let's get with the program here. If you are really going to consider yourself a DOG MAN, then get the stuff for Mom so she can do all the work.
From your favorite teenage wasteland doggie, Love Brownie.

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