Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CR Mayor: Sleeping on the Job

Rant if I must,
Hell, it's my blog.
Watching the videotape over and over again,
it's hard to believe the little white haired sleeping woman is the mayor of Cedar Rapids.
If you view multiple times like I have,
you will notice yourself getting sleepy.
I guess that is our way of following along,
isn't that what the city council is doing?
No one seems to be proclaiming, Mayor Wake Up!
We're talking about a flood recovery plan of 1.5 billion dollars.
Shouldn't that be incentive to wake her majesty?
If I were a Cedar Rapidian,
you would sure find me at every council meeting,
Probably yelling at the Mayor,
Wake up it is morning Madam Mayor,
Wake up Madam Mayor, it is afternoon,
Or Hey, you old bag, Wake up.
Seriously. I will gladly help support any Cedar Rapids resident
to the best of my ability to help take in your cause,
of finding some resolution from your council.


Susan said...

Not being a CR resident, and not personally affected by the floods, I supposed I'm hardly entitled to an opinion. But my thought, on seeing her nodding, was that the Mayor of CR has probably had very little sleep since June.

Anyway, I really loathe the "investigative reporting" tack KGAN has taken lately. "We tried to give the newly fired University officials a chance to answer our questions" (video of 20-something pounding on private residence door) "but no one would answer." Imagine that.

"Did city-owned vehicles suffer unnecessary flood damage? Story at 10." Sorry, but I am unimpressed. Can't turn to 9 fast enough!

Angie said...

Here's a better tease....
Why didn't the city move cars and machinery before the flood? Now look who's holding the soggy useless scrap metal, the taxpayor's.
btw...the mayor earns $30,000 a year for a part time gig. She is required to preside over meetings and other city functions. There are other duties as well.
She is snippy with the media, she doesn't believe in answering the question directly. And she does in fact fall asleep when people are talking about their livlihoods and businesses that were destroyed in the flood. It was unthinkable to know a mayor of a city the size of Cedar Rapids, was videotaped not just once but numerous ocassions on one day and then again less than 3 weeks later. ANd again, not just once but twice at 8:15 and 8:40ish in the MORNING. It would be different if she were nice, professional acting, and geniunely caring for the people she served. SHe should invest in some acting classes.
Now, you'll tune over to channel 9 but you won't be getting the REAL story. They are in bed with the Mayor. A former KCRG employee now works with the mayor. So, no wonder the Mayor won't talk with CBS 2.
Susan, I agree with you about the University story. Young reporter, but he has to start somewhere. And when the University doesn't give the reporter their (subjects)whereabouts, as a reporter you have to start knocking. That is the problem with local news. It is talking to the first people you run into and putting them on TV reacting to said story. I wondered, what was that 40ish looking woman doing hanging out with all those young coeds? That was a more interesting story to me.
Keep commenting.

Susan said...

I see she's been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Curing that may not cure her snippiness, however.