Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Name is Lily: Life on the Farm

By Lily the Cat
Today it is raining. I am a cat and I am stuck inside the warm farm house. We live in the country. There are more cats outside. There are three wolfish-like dogs living out in the barn. Chickens run free on the ground out here. Sometimes, an owl or sly fox eat the chickens. I see this through the windows. But all I ever tell my Mom is "Meow."
Today I licked my Mom's fingers. It tasted of spicy chicken. I did not see Mom go outside and kill the chickens. She must have gotten them from that great food place that I only see what she brings home. I love to sneak in places I don't belong. Today I decided to hide in the top shelf of the cupboard in the kitchen. This is where Mom hides all the grocery bags, cleaner's and odds and ends. Stuff that she doesn't like to see but uses everyday. When Mom got home from that great grocery store, she jumped when she opened up the door to the cupboard. There I was sitting on top of the used grocery bags. How did I get up there? Maybe you should stay at home and watch me. I do more than just take cat naps.

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