Monday, September 8, 2008

Music You've Been Listening to Lately

Who have you been listening to readers? Which artist is in your Ipod? Or if you are like me in an old fashioned CD player in the car. Can't believe after a mere 20 years, the CD player is a thing of the past. Doesn't it make you long for the days of 8-track's? I hear there is a vinyl comeback. Loon, quick! Get that turntable out so we can spin a few discs. We've ton of THAT music. here is my list.
Alejandro Escoveda
Blue Mountain-Mixed
the100s-Not yet released CD
Robert Randolph

Viewer's Response.....
Seether. We went to a Seether concert at the Dubuque fairgrounds. With new friend Beth. And her buddy Ron.

Heard 8 bands at the Conesville rally last weekend. Woo hoo!

Playing my acoustic guitar.

Listening to ABBA lately, believe it or not.

Michele Branch.

Deep Purple.


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Loon said...

* Kathleen Edwards "Asking For Flowers"
* Alejandro Escovedo "Real Animal"
* Ryan Bingham "Mescalito"
* Drive-by Truckers "Brighter Than Creations Dark"
* Jason Isbel "Sirens of the Ditch"
* Magnolia Electric Company "Nashville Moon"
* Steve Earle "Washington Square Serenade"