Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Movies Angie and Tim Watched

Now look, we don't claim to be hip, happening nor on top of things. In fact, one person could say we are middle-aged hippies who are working for the man. Tim of course, works for the "coolest, hippest, man. While Angie does work for the man. In order to maintain my great status with the company, no further talk of this will occur.
My point is this, we watched a great movie several weeks ago and we are of course way behind schedule with the rest of the "world."
Here it is: Juno. Yes, great movie that we will watch over and over again. Maybe not as much as Tim is watching "Once" but something along those lines. IF you have not seen Juno, don't wait any further. Put it on top of your list. Humanity in a nutshell. Well written and well-shot cinematography. Great actors who were able to tap into each's other emotional state of their character's.


Frankie said...

You are so right! I loved Juno, really loved it.

Good luck with the mushing. I would rather curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and a nice blankie and watch it on TV. :)

angie said...

Keep watching on TV
and video and make sure people know it. Got to keep the ratings up...doncha no?