Sunday, January 11, 2009

Latest Musical Influences

We know we all have been influenced by bands, musicians, poets and teachers when we were young. But who is the latest person to have influenced you musically?
Here's my list: the 100s-Hubby's band but they have influenced and continually support my goal of playing guitar.
Alejandro Escovedo-This guy has been around a long time and has been through a lot. He writes great music and puts on a heck of a performance even if there were only 20 people at the bar. He is a great musician and just to be able to hear him and see him was amazing, a life changing moment.

Tell us who influences you. Share and compare. My list is short because there are so many bands that I can't list them all right now.


Loon said...

Currently, besides my bandmates, I'd say my influences are:
Jay Farrar of Son Volt for his great writing and humble style.
I do like the Drive-by Truckers rocking energy.
I'm still amazed by Blue Mountain's twenty-something years old music. Every style, every mood, talented writing, singing and playing. They are the epitome of "alt-country" to me. I desperately need their latest!

And finally, the reigning Queen: Kathleen Edwards. Her music hits it all: ballads, angry rock, hard-core country, indy, experimenatl rock. Her dry wit and great phrasing combined with fantastic voice and super-talented band makes her music the standard to reach for.

Of course, all influences of a lifetime converge in the present, so we can add all the other bands that have influenced me throughout my life. But this should do for now!

Peter Dee said...

Because I'm working on my solo acoustic rock skills, my latest influences are our local guitar heroes. Adam Back. Jeff Mattison. Billy and Brian. And number one - Mark Moss. They've all become buddies - they invite me to jam, and to sing with them; we hangout; we go see other bands together; and we even go do karaoke together.