Sunday, March 8, 2009

Train, Train

by Angie
By now you know things just happen to me. Little things that tend to blow up to become "crisis" situations. Well, not exactly but at the time they sure seem to be. So this is my story on the train karma I am experiencing.
I drive approximately 65 miles to work one way. I park my Honda and walk an additional 15 minutes on a smooth ice free sidewalk day. I don't mind the walk, it gets me invigorated to start my day at my cool job. But a few weeks ago, I had heard something on the morning news. It was exercising for 10 minutes was just as good as exercising for 30 minutes at a time. I missed the last half of the report because I was leaving the house to drive to work. So I really don't know if this is true or not but in my mind leaving that morning it was all true. And when I parked at my assigned lot, I thought great I'm going to count how many blocks I walk to see how far I walk in 15 minutes. As I turned my head around while walking forward I tripped falling flat on my chin on the hard, cold sidewalk. Right in broad daylight. No one saw me, or stopped to help. The only thing broken was my pride. My chin hurt and my whole jawline and my ears ringed for days. I made it through work and walked back to my parking lot when the train was stopped on the track. It had not moved for a good five minutes, but it felt like five hours. There were a couple guys that dared to cross the train to get to the other side. You see my parking lot was just on the other side. It had been a long day. My chin hurt, my ears were ringing, my jawline was sore and I had broken my pride. I just wanted to go home. I waited for the train to get going and finally it moved forward about seven cars and then it came to a halt. Now what? No one was around and the train didn't make any sounds. I looked left. I looked right. I looked behind. No one was watching. No one to help if I jumped on the train and it started to move would save me. But I really thought I could do this. Just give me one last chance to prove I am still gracefully. (Family members be quiet!) I grabbed the ladder and pulled myself up. There was not any railing on the end of the car so I walked quickly to the other side and lowered myself down on the opposite ladder. It was all good. As soon as I got into my car, the train moved. Ok....that was not as much fun as I thought so next time I will walk 3 blocks out of my way to get around. The next night, there it was waiting for me. The train. Just sitting there, watching and waiting and not moving. C'mon I needed to get home. So I walked out of my way and got home late. The next week, the one day that I needed to get to work early because of a meeting there was the train, waiting for me. Silent on the tracks. Not moving. Begging me to jump on it. Just try me, that is what the train was whispering. No way, I'll walk around. So I did. I was right on time, but sweating and looking all disarrayed from the extended brisker walk. That same night, trying to get out of there to make it to a variety show at my kid's school, the same train was just sitting there on the tracks. No movement. No grinding. No thrusting. Just waiting for me to try and cross. I walked around again barely making it on time to my engagement. By now I had decided to call the train a word with an adjective in front. What did I do? I crossed when I shouldn't have and realized that wasn't smart. I know. But c'mon this has got to stop. I was having a bad train karma week. The next morning, again I am running about 5 minutes behind schedule. I parked my car and jumped out of the vehicle when I heard it. The train whistle. You have got to be kidding me. I ran over to the sidewalk and jumped across the cement wall that divides the parking lot from the hill sidewalk. I stopped at the tracks. It was moving slow and it was coming at me. It was about one block away. Do I cross? Do I test fate? Would I trip on the tracks? I looked left. I looked right. No one was watching me. No one to rescue me. What should I do? The train was still half a block off. Probably it was going to stop and not move for hours. Now there was a car that came up to the crossing. Was it going to cross? Would I?
I decided that my train karma was indeed in alignment with some positive influences. The car crossed without getting smashed. I walked the extra blocks to maintain my train composure. What will happen tomorrow? Will that train be waiting for me or will I not see it for weeks? I'll keep you posted.

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Pete said...

Angie, Angie,'re being stalked by a train; not at all a healthy relationship. Probably the same train that blocked my path the day we went to see Jeff and get a tour of the radio station. By the way, that train can sit there for hours...ridiculous considering it cuts a swath right through town. Whose ingenious infrastructure layout was THAT?!? ~Pete