Friday, February 27, 2009


It's night. Now that Angie is working regular normal business hours Tim and her will enjoy some music cranked up on Friday night. Are you wondering what is on tap for tonight? Well here's what Angie has piled up.....

Now you know the way it works...Angie first then Tim...or if Tim is in a bad mood Tim goes first.....if I pick a song and another Tim picks one song then another....we always try to out do one another. Now, I am not sure if we'll get thru this list tonight but here's the sneak peak at what is on Angie's list....ssshhh.....don't let Tim know ahead of time. Comments?

Abigail Washburn and the Sparrow Quartet...Bela Fleck-Casey Driessen-Ben Sollee
Patti Smith Group-Radio Ethiopia
King's X-Gretchen Goes to Nebraska-"summerland"
Michael Monroe-Not Fakin' It-"Dead, Jail, or Rock n Roll"
Led Zepplin-Bringin it on Home

Tim's Picks..from what I remember....
RUSH-"By-Tor and the Snow Dog"
FIGHTER-(Bill Heller is an awesome guitar player)

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