Sunday, March 22, 2009

Which Arrested Development Character Are You?

If you are on Facebook, then by now you are used to be innudated with requests to take this quiz and test your IQ, and find out which sexy lady are you type tests. After awhile, they beyond annoying. Fun at first and tiresome by the about the fourth one.
So, in contrast to those lame quizzes that everyone does, try this not quite as lame as those quiz.
You tell us which Arrested Development Character you most identify with.
Now, because those characters are so complex you could be part Gob part Tobias....but I want to know who you most identify with.
Have some fun...and remember it is all in fun and it's a damn shame that the show is no longer but rumours appear to be revealing a movie in the works.

Angie most identifies with..... "Maybe"

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