Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friday Night Music Night

We had an abbreviated Friday night music night because of the daughter's high school play. So here is what we chose to watch AFTER the play.


So it turns out I am a HUGE fan of RUSH and didn't know it most of my adult life. Today I am a huge fan of RUSH and knew it from the instant. How can this possible be? RUSH is like the classical of rock and roll music. With movements of musical masterpieces, it is up to each individual listener to take away the notes, the tones, the tempo, the rhythm and make a decision for themselves.
Imagine over 40 thousand fans, 50 thousand fans, 60, 70 and 80 thousand fans, jumping up and down with their hands clapping into the air, singing at the top of the lungs to the songs they know and love. This is what RUSH in RIO is all about. These fans are Brazilians. And they know the words to Tom Sawyer, New World Man, Roll the Bones, Limelight, 2112. You get the idea. Amazing is all I can say every time I watch this DVD. There is no mosh pit. The fans were getting into their music, singing along, jamming and experiencing the RUSH experience. What a great show. What an amazing DVD. If you have not seen this, it is well worth your time.
And how do you follow up RUSH?
You don't.
Like I said, it was a late Friday Night Music Night and when the first artists you start with is with some of the best, most talented musicians the world has heard, you call it a night. Goodnight!

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