Sunday, June 28, 2009

Movie Review-The Governess

Absolutely one of the worst movies made in this decade.  Actually, think it was produced in the 1990's but will look it up for sure.
Tom Wilkinson and Minnie Driver star is this slightly erotica but based upon one guy's dream of teen Jewish sister's talking about semen in their bed at night.  Let's make our heroine the Governess one of the first female bootie photographers.  Every scene, either Tim or I were knocking out each line spoken, what the action was to be.  The only thing I predicted that didn't happen was a pregnancy, which should have because it would have put an natural twist on an extremely stupid movie plot.  Fact is, Tim was awaken in the middle of the night with yet another problem in the movie.  The Governess, who is Jewish, pretends to be a Christian to accept a job as a Governess with a Scottish family.  This could have been slightly funny, or it could have been dramatic but the dialogue, the motion of the characters were not thought out.  
Sorry folks, it looks like we wasted our time watching this movie-I want my money back.  Alas, it gave me a chance to at writing a writhing review.  
Now, what to watch next?

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