Saturday, June 27, 2009

FUNKY Friday Night Music Night?

What I really wanted was some great 80's rock music but what turned out was a lot of funky tunes from that decade.
I wish we had a turntable, and I know the Loon does too.  But with his nose recovering from surgery there was no way it was going to get hooked up.  So this is what happened.
I put on Talking Heads, "NAKED" cd.  Why did I buy this 20 years ago?  Beats me.  I looked for the "hit" and couldn't find it.  Damn.  I know I used to crank this mother as loud as possible, but with my memory so to is it....gone.
Living Color-again, another problem with too much funk and not enough rock.  Gone, with my memory.  So at this point I am not impressing Loon.
He puts on Nels Lofgren....Primus and Rush.  Ok.  Pretty good actually.
And we played a couple of cuts off the Outfield, 1985.  Now, we are talking about great 80s rock.
So we put in an Eric Johnson DVD-killer.  That guy is one of the greatest guitar players I have ever watched.  Watched Alejandro and Alice in Chains.  So, we went from some why did we ever listen to this music to finish it off with great stuff.  To sum it up, sometimes the funk leads us to ...fill in the blank readers!

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