Monday, June 29, 2009

Eight Heads in a Perfect (Gale) Storm

Just heard Gale Storm died, so that's now 5 celebrity deaths - one to go? Ed McMahnon, Farrah, King 'O Pop, Billy Mays, Gail.

Our movie viewing got a little better, as we watched a movie off of Frankie's fav list: 1997's "8 Heads in a Duffle Bag". Joe Pesci, David Spade, Kristy Swanson, great roles by George Hamilton and Dyan Cannon. Madcap comedy. Falls in to the "Plot A" category: Miserable loser overcomes odds to win in the end. (We'll be exploring the basic plot themes as time goes on.) Great writing, funny situations, good time.

Later, we watched 2000's "The Perfect Storm". Good cast, with George Clooney, John C. Reilly and Marky-Mark Wahlberg (better actor than singer!). Had this NOT been "based on a true story", then it probably would have been Plot A, and they would have come home succesful.
However, too much Hollywood drama added to "spice up" the story, I'm sure all of the marital and personal subplots were added. This was probably better on a theatre, with the huge waves crashing. Too predictable, such as the subplot of John and his nemisis fighting but then of course making up. Yuck! The stupid and unexplained scenes with a wasted casting of Karen Allen were presumably added becasue it really happened, but made no sense and were just a waste of time.
I like George, but to quote Angie, "Where's Mark Greene?"

The lame won this round. Let's hope we get another chance at the movies!

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